~ without challenge, adventure is impossible ~

Challenging yourself to act courageously in spite of what's uncomfortable is where real change occurs. it's where those magic aha moments happen! you already have the tools inside of you to do this, I just help you get there. 

Hi Guys, I'm Kristina- and I won't not live life with passion!

I started i won't not to help others learn their self-worth, identify the roadblocks that are holding them back, and feel empowered to commit to change. 

Five years ago I viewed life as nothing more than a collection of decisions someone, somewhere, told us to make. I went to college because that’s what you did after high school; I studied finance because it was respectable - I joined the family firm because it was expected. I followed paths that were easy. It was easier to doubt myself than to believe in myself. These were not decisions I made, they were directions I followed. I wasn’t living, I was riding passenger in my own life and I was miserable.

So I asked myself:
-- -Who am I?
-- -Where did I find happiness?
-- -What fear was holding me back?

Does any of this sound familiar?
I started to read. A popular theme in self-help is “find your value” - what does that even mean? How can you find your value if you don’t know where to look? So I dove deeper. Everything I read was helpful as a foundation but I needed something more specific. I needed to feel vulnerable and to channel that fear intoa positive movement.

I recognized a need for change and I started exploring the spaces around me. For the last three years I’ve been travelling the world and throwing myself into new experiences. Exploring different cultures taught me that happiness can be found in simplicity, and living simply meant connecting with yourself. It meant finding energy, even in the mundane, to light up an ordinary day. I challenged myself to attempt one new thing, every day. Each little victory brought satisfaction, accomplishment, love, light and laughter back into my life!

By exploring the world and myself I discovered that my negativity, confusion, and mental blockage stemmed from living inside my comfort zone. It was the result of never truly challenging myself and always playing it safe.

By regularly stepping outside my own comfort zone and challenging myself, life got better. I woke up. I was happier. I found myself and felt comfort in my own skin. Making friends and opening up to people became easier.  I gained clarity about my passions, values, and natural ability to develop connection through compassion and creativity.  Above all, I found the confidence to go after what I wanted.

So, what do I want?
To help people. To share what I've learned, and to coach others who are committed and excited about getting the most out of life too! i won't not means facing life with a green-light attitude and challenging yourself to dance outside the lines of comfort. It means facing life head-on, and even getting a little silly and uncomfortable.

i won't not is not a brand or a lifestyle, it’s a movement. Find your passion, face your fear, live your life.